Volunteering at Redcliffe Community Bus

Redcliffe Community Bus (RCB) is a not-for-profit organisation. We value the dedicated volunteers that enable RCB to offer value for money outings to members. If you are interested in volunteering as a helper, driver, Business Mentor or Committee member please contact the office to discuss your interest. RCB ‘s philosophy is to provide a service to Members, through volunteering, as a core principle.

Bus Helpers


As many members are ageing or may have a disability RCB helpers may at times, assist members onto and off a bus. Helpers also be asked to carry bags of shopping to the member’s door. If this appeals to you please contact the office to discuss your options.

Bus Drivers


Volunteer Bus Drivers must have a valid LR, MR or HR licence and have or be able to obtain a Queensland Transport Driver Authorisation. For more information on how to volunteer with us, please ring the office on 3284 6429.

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